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Payday Loan Call Center Solutions

If you run a payday loan business YOU NEED US!

With an increasing number of applications for short term, payday loans coming into your cash advance business, a customer call center and response department is a necessity to continue the high levels of customer service for which payday loan customers demand. If you have been around for any length of time in the payday loan industry you know your success is determined by your ability to "get them while they're hot".

Payday Loan Call Center has a staff trained in the company's core payday lending business, focusing on quick customer response and dealing purely with customer enquiries. Our call center team is managed directly by Chief Operating Officer, Robert Frimet who explains:
"Customer service has always been at the fore here at Payday Loan Call Center. Customers needing payday loans until their next payday are not only looking for speed and ease of use but also to know that they are dealing with a reputable company online. As the number of loan requests to successful payday loan operators grows, we felt it was time to put in place a focused payday loan customer response team. This allows us to maintain efficient response times to customers of our payday loan clients, and makes the payday loan customer's experience smoother, quicker and easier".

Robert adds, "We are continuing to drive the business in the pursuit of customer excellence. In a relatively new industry such as payday lending, the customer experience is more paramount than normal as this increases general consumer confidence and means that word of mouth advertising will continue to drive people towards our client's payday loan sites. Web hits to payday loan web sites owned by our clients have continued to increase without any additional advertising spend. This suggests we're definitely doing something right!"

As the payday loan industry continues to grow and payday loan consumers become more knowledgeable and experienced, the need for a call center FOCUSED on the payday loan industry is a no brainer. Once that payday loan consumer fills out a payday loan application and clicks on the "Submit Now" or "Apply Now" button, they expect to hear from someone quickly. If they don't, they'll move on and apply at another web site!

When you, as a payday loan operator paid for that customer who just left your site, fail to "close the deal", it can be catastrophic. Payday loan consumer acquisition costs average $3.00 to as much as $55.00! When you have a payday loan consumer manuever through the maze of search engines, radio and TV advertisements, direct mail, etc., to discover you, YOU MUST CLOSE THEM!